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                                        Members and friends of Mended Hearts,

By using caution and wisdom, most of us have gotten our vaccinations,

and put the covid-19 threat behind us.  Therefore, resuming our being 

an active support group, Gerogia & I take GREAT PLEASURE WELCOMING 

YOU TO OUR YARD.  We our in Brighton, for a PICNIC, on Sunday afternoon,  August 1 at 1   PM.   

We live at 1855 Westfall Rd., on the SE corner of Westfall & Fairhill, 1 block east of Winton Rd.  Those who arrive early can park in my driveway.   Others can park on Fairhill Rd..   If it rains we have a two car garage.

We will have a grill and the chapter will provide some meat selections , like chicken 

hamburgers or hot dogs.  PLEASE bring your own lawn chairs, place settings, beverages, and a yummy creation from your kitchen to share.


If your planning to come, PLEAES notify Marlene Adams at or (585) 943-0170, so we have an idea pf how many are coming.

  Also let Marlene know what

what you are bringing.  To avid duplication, she might help you select something else.


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