I want to bring you up to date with the changes that are going on at the National level.  With the transfer from Dallas to Albany Georgia, a major change  was done in order to preserve the National Chapter.  They are implementing major changes and one of them is in fee structure.   All I'm aware of is they are proposing that the Chapters take over billing the members.  This will be a major undertaking by the Chapters and anyone interested in helping with this task would be gratefully appreciated.  I personally am involved in three other organizations and one of those is the running of the Bingo operation at the Webster  Columbus Center.  This requires a fair amount of my time due to the amount of paper work to the town weekly and then to the State of NY quarterly.  With this and the other organizations I feel that come September of this year I will be wanting to step down.   So I hope someone will step forward and be willing to head MH Chapter 50.




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